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The Forum für Kreativität und Kommunikation e.V. Bielefeld, founded in 1989  (at Markgrafenstr. 3, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany), supports and develops theatre, socio-cultural education, culture work, movement and theatre paedagogical work help to serve this purpose.

Forum is a free theatre and a mobile theatre-educational centre in one. It has 60 members. Mostly the theatre paedagogues go out to other institutions to work . We have an office with a  room for rehearsals, and an inventory room for technical things and requisites.

 Our professional theatre productions are shown once a year in a hall with 99 seats named "Kulturpunkt", a few streets away from our rooms in the lofts, 3 Markgrafenstr.   Last  productions are: "You are my mother" by Joop Admiraal,  "Invasion!" by Jonas Hassen Khemiri and "The Woman who ran into doors by Roddy Doyle" with Susanne Plassmann.

20131011_EineFraudiegegenTuerenrannte_47.jpg  The Woman who ran into Doors
20151016_MeineMutter_32.jpg Your are my mother

„Invasion!“ von Jonas Hassen Khemiri

Directed by: Hans-Peter Krüger
Production: Forum für Kreativität und Kommunikation e.V. Bielefeld

new since July 2016


The current production by "Goetterspeise" is "Alice crazy worlds]"- frist shown2014 and was touring with 16 actors. Actual production 2016  is "Ask.Move" - "Fragen.Bewegen". Tourdates and pictures on the german page. Before that "Butterfly Workshop" (theatre, shadow theatre, live percussion and music) and "Offline living" was shown in Bielefeld, Essen, Detmold, Bad Arolsen, Ahlen, Reutlingen and many other towns. Götterspeise has been working with 3 professional theatre paedagoges (Christel Brüning, Diemut Döninghaus and Martin Neumann) for 18 years. For 256 years projects with people who have disabilities have taken place. Goetterspeise is run in cooperation with a centre named Freizeitzentrum Eckardtsheim, a part-organisation of the von Bodelschwingsche Stiftungen Bethel, Bethel Regional,  Bielefeld.

Ask.Move.-Fragen.Bewegen Götterspeise 2016 Foto: Sarah Jonek

 X Freunde by felicia Zeller  Astoria,  Bielefeld

 For the last 14 years Forum has organized  the annual "nightride"  "nachtreise 14", a discovery tour of  9 theatres with 5 tour guides, in partnership Trotz-Alledem-Theater - the town theatres show 36 short-performances in one evening .      You are always welcome to contact us:
Norbert Diekhake, Diemut Döninghaus, Martin Neumann

Forum für Kreativität und
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